VΞNgard Unleashes high-potential of

FinTecs with trust & Infrastructure.


What we do.

VENgard Consulting focusing in the gathering and linking of technology, capital and industrial know-how to leverage on emerging markets and accelerate the development of new ventures globally. Despite the everchanging economic landscape we are willed to connect the different driver for a list of diversified public and private entities ranging from engineering, energy sourcing, high performance computing infrastructure, financial application technology and information technology. We have significantly enhanced their respective daily operations and improved their companies fortune via the channelling of our professional expertise.

Our Focus

We outlined and adopted an investment strategy that focuses on investing in private limited companies and forming business partnerships and alliances inter se to form synergies and ultimately create value for our shareholders. This is in line with our formation as a think-tank, profit-orientated organization that is able to nurture and develop technologies, concepts and ideas and transform them into viable business ventures.

Our Mission

Our objective for the next 10 years is to focus on the core strength of our investee companies and lay foundations for the bridges between investors and high potential ventures. After all, at Fintec, we believe not in reinventing the wheel, but adding spokes to what works.